Breast Forms, Bras & Post-Surgical Garments


Breast formscome in a variety of shapes, sizes and  materials, including featherweight, fiber, or foam forms which are typically used shortly following surgery, and highly realistic silicone forms which come in standard weight, plus light and ultra light weights for added comfort.

Besides restoring appearance, breast forms also replace the weight of the missing breast(s).  This is an important factor in maintaining structural balance and equilibrium in the body, both side-to-side and front-to-back.  Failure to wear a properly fitted breast form can result in shoulder drop, curvature of the spine and muscular pain.

mom-and-daughter-smAlmost any woman who has had breast cancer surgery is a candidate for a breast form or shaper.  Women who choose not to have reconstructive surgery can wear a breast form indefinitely, and they may be replaced as needed.  For those women to choose reconstruction, a breast form may be a temporary alternative while waiting for reconstructive surgery.  Even those women who have only lumpectomies may experience an “unevenness” or asymmetry for which a partial shaper may be the best answer.  Most insurance carriers provide a new silicone breast form or shaper [for each surgery side] every two years, or as medically necessary.

The shape, size and construction of the breast form (prosthesis) that’s right for each woman will depend on her body type and the nature of her surgery.  We offer a full range of full and partial breast forms to meet a wide variety of needs.  These include full forms for those who’ve had full mastectomies, as well as partial shapers for women who’ve undergone lumpectomies or other breast conserving surgeries.  Whether her surgery was 3 months or 20 years ago, our specially trained fitters will assist each woman in choosing the right breast form(s) to help her regain her natural symmetry.

older-lady-200Pocketed BrasWomen who choose to wear a breast form will need special pocketed bras to hold the form(s).  We carry a wide variety of appealing styles and colors to choose from, and most insurance companies provide new bras every year.  In addition to fitting each woman for the proper breast form or shaper, our fitters take great care in accurately fitting her bras (including larger cup sizes, too!).  A personalized bra fitting is key in helping a woman restore a natural-looking symmetry.  It’s estimated that more than 85% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size!  Euphoria’s trained fitters can help each woman select products to meet her unique needs.  Most insurance carriers will provide a new supply of pocketed bras every year!

Post-Surgical GarmentsOur post-surgical bras & camisoles are designed for the utmost in gentle comfort right after any type of breast surgery and for several weeks following surgery.  Our post-surgical bras are soft and comfortable enough to be worn 24/7 (which is often necessary during the recovery period).  They can be worn home from the hospital and feature convenient, detachable pouches to hold drain tubes/bulbs.  Most of our post-surgical garments are “step-in” or conveniently fasten in front.  They typically include a featherweight fiberfill form which provides gentle shaping without putting pressure against the sensitive surgery site.  The best time to be fitted for a post-surgical bra is before your surgery date, and we will make every effort to be available on an emergency basis if necessary.  Most insurance carriers will cover your post-surgical garment.