Expert Face & Body Waxing

Depilation with wax in beauty salonHair length of ¼ to ½ inch is recommended for best the results.  No tanning 24 hours before or after. For body waxing, please exfoliate the day before to achieve optimum results.


Benefits of Waxing

Along with not having to worry about getting that nasty cut from your razor, waxing is fast and easy. There is nothing worse than having to shave every day. Waxing last longer than any other temporary hair removal because it pulls from the roots. When we are finished experience your skin becoming softer. When the dead skin particles are uplifted along with your hair, your skin will feel extremely soft. Forget irritation and bumpy skin, with waxing you don’t have to worry about that! With our trained specialists, we want to insure you are comfortable. We recommend that your hair length is of ¼ to ½ inch for best the results. Do not tan 24 hours before or after for this could hurt the skin.  At Euphoria we offer many waxing packages, from brows for him to your bikini line, we’ve got you covered.


Brow design ($16 with a facial)$21

Full face with brow design $63

Lip, chin (each) or cheeks $15

Arms, half$31

Arms, full  $47


Basic bikini line $37

French bikini (“high” bikini line) $57

Brazilian bikini (all or nearly all)$77

Brazilian maintenance (28 days or less)$63

Brazilian male $99

Legs, half (lower includes knees)$43

Legs, full $75

Legs, full w/ bikini line   $111

Abdomen or buttocks $43

Back or chest (bring a clean cotton t-shirt) $63

Back w/ shoulders included $79



Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash tint (contacts must be removed)$43

Brow tint (includes brow design)$31

Couture Eyes (both of the above)$69