Peels & Other Corrective Treatments

pca_logoFacialTechnician-smWe are proud to offer PCA SKIN® professional resurfacing products & treatments.  PCA’s peels are viewed as the gold standard in the clinical skincare industry.  PCA SKIN® uses rigorous research & science to develop safe, highly effective products that deliver healthy, beautiful skin.  PCA’s products contain no synthetic dyes or fragrances & no petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin.  Instead, they are formulated with ingredients to provide maximum biocompatibility.

We will make at-home product recommendations to support your suggested treatment plan & to help you achieve & maintain positive results.  Please allow up to 75 minutes for your initial peel & 45 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Our facials, peels & other corrective treatments are available as single treatments or in buy-4-get-1-free packages.  Some restrictions apply & a telephone consultation with our PCA SKIN® Certified Professional is recommended prior to your first service.  This is especially true if you are pregnant or nursing.

Modified & Enhanced Jessner’s peels$89

Softens the appearance of fine lines around the eyes & nose; promotes a clear complexion, smooth texture & even skin tone.  Especially beneficial for oily skin.  Formulations may be blended with additional ingredients to enhance your results.

Blended TCA peels$89

Exceptional in treating aging skin, break-out prone skin, uneven skin tone & especially dry skin.

Sensi Peel  is formulated for all Fitzpatrick skin types.  This gentle, multi-faceted treatment is an excellent option for sensitive skin & darker skin tones.

Ultra Peel I  is specially formulated to treat maturing skin, but is also appropriate for many other skin types & conditions.  Additional plumping & hydrating ingredients make it a great choice for dry/dehydrated skin or uneven texture.

Smoothing Body Peel  is a 2-step formulation developed especially for the body.  This treatment provides smoothing, firming & brightening benefits & an overall improvement in skin tone, texture & appearance.  An excellent treatment for body acne or keratosis pilaris.

DermaplanePro Facial$89 (Neck area, add $6)

Dermaplaning is a highly effective exfoliation method which leaves the skin immediately & dramatically smoother in texture.  After only one treatment, dull, dry, listless skin looks & feels fresher & smoother.  Typically, dermaplaning removes 2-3 weeks of dead surface cells, enabling treatment products to penetrate more quickly & easily into the skin to deliver the desired benefits.

Dermaplaning involves the use of a surgical blade & requires training, skill & knowledge.  It is a safe & effective treatment for all skin types & is an excellent alternative to microdermabrasion.  Because dermaplaning also removes the fine vellus hair or “peach fuzz,” it creates a nearly flawless foundation for make-up. It is an especially popular choice for wedding or special event make-up.  Dermaplaning can be repeated every 3 to 4 weeks if desired.


Retinoids & other treatment enhancements1 included with each peel

Retinoids help enhance the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants & actives into the skin to maximize their benefits.  Also increases cell turnover & post-treatment exfoliation.  Other treatment enhancements infuse the skin with essential vitamins & antioxidants to reduce the potential for post-procedure inflammation.


Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment$89

An excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types.  The active blend of antioxidants, lactic, glycolic & salicylic acids exfoliates & promotes a clear complexion.


Oxygenating Trio$89

A 3-step process using a formulation which contains antioxidants & enzymes that leave the skin smooth, purified & glowing.