Facials, Peels & Waxing

Facial Treatment

At Euphoria, helping you improve your skin is our passion. Whatever facials, peels and waxing services you are considering — from a simple deep pore cleanse to corrective facials, from advanced layered peels to dermaplanin — it is our goal to help you achieve visible improvement to your skin.

At your first visit, we do a detailed analysis of your skin to assess your areas of concern.  This helps us develop a plan of action designed specifically for you.  We can address a variety of problems such as acne, dry or dehydrated skin, uneven pigmentation (dark spots), oily skin, fine lines/wrinkles, rosacea or other skin sensitivities.  A skin analysis is necessary prior to beginning any corrective treatment.


Peels & Corrective Treatments

Expert Face & Body Waxing